HVRA.NET eGFR Calculator and Data Collector

First, select criteria. Check all that apply. If you are checking eGFR for someone who doesn't meet any of the criteria, you should still submit the data.

Age >=70.
 Medically treated hypertension (high blood pressure) and age>=60.
Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
Diabetes mellitus - diet or medication controlled and age>=60.
Contrast enhanced runoff MRA, double dose study (anytype), multiple contrast studies within one month.
Surgery, infection, vascular procedure, thrombosis (in last month)
History of kidney disease.
Kidney transplant.
Single kidney.
Kidney surgery.
Cancer of tumor involving kidney
Acute kidney injury.
Chemotherapy in last 3 months.

Second, enter laboratory values and patient demographics. You can type in the value or use the selectors as a shortcut:     

 Serum creatinine:   Selector: 
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African American:  Yes    No  
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Third, click calculate do determine eGFR. If all looks good, click Submit Data.                                                                 

      GFR Value*:

*This value is only valid for patients 18 and older.